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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Holiday memories!

It feels like a looong time ago now since I was on the south coast of England enjoying a short break meeting up with friends from the UK and US.  We had a lovely time and the weather was hot hot hot! I avoided London due to "smog warnings" and stuck to the countryside.  Spring was in evidence and the trees were looking wonderful.  We do *have* trees and woodland in Orkney but they are rarer than south, so to have trees everywhere was lovely.

Generally we just visited open gardens - my only stipulation was that a tea room was to be at hand. I'm afraid Scottish High Tea does not equal a good English Afternoon Tea. I loved the three tier cake stands with sandwiches cut small, scones, cream and jam on the second layer and finally wee cakes (fancies) on the top. Yum..... needless to say I need to lose some weight since returning home....sigh..... I expected walks around a garden or through a wood to eat up some calories at least!  And yes I did get very petulant when it appeared we were lost in a bluebell wood and I thought the tea shop (with cake) would be shut before we found our way out..... I know what it takes to survive.....!

Peony - I live these though they don't last long....

I love a bluebell wood......

I dream of having a garden like this!

This statue was entitled Spring Awakening..... where's her vest!!


  1. Love the statue! Wouldn't she be wonderful in your garden, greeting the fishermen, et al?
    I understand completely the angst over the tea shop, as I too, plan my outings around cafe opening times.

  2. I remember three tier cake stands from my childhood, along with a glass topped table under which a lace cloth was laid. My brother and I were allowed one sandwich and one cake ... what a dilemna! Thanks for the memories.

  3. VioletSky - I know I would *love* that statue in my garden! If I win the lottery I may buy one...though I'd have to knit her a vest for winter! LOL!

    Shirlwin - ooooh yes what a dilema to choose! Thankfully as a "grown-up" I could eat the lot!

  4. Oh, yes, peonies...and bluebell woods...and tea shops with cake stands...I completely agree! Tea and cake is my favourite 'meal' of the day, which probably explains why I'll never be thin. Glad you had time to do/ see such lovely things in between dodging riot police!