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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Shetland Puffin-Cam

Have to admit to obsessively checking this! It's an RSPB webcam on a puffin's nest - she's sitting on one egg. Not much to see at the moment but I love watching her breathing!  Occasionally she leaves the nest but not for long....  click here and scroll down for puffin-cam!


  1. and can I give you baby-owl cam?
    have a look at the bottom one, there is a big, fluffy Tawny Owl chick from time to time..sometimes obscured by its Mum

  2. Desperate Reader - I know - it's compulsive viewing :-)

    Oxslip - I saw this on your blog and had a look. Wonderful! I remember a visit to Heligan a few years ago and really fell in love with the place.