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Thursday 12 June 2008

Long live the King in exile.....

Well I’m feeling a little sad as my old Maran cockerel has been deposed by his younger half-bred son this last week. The old cockerel, Finlay II was home bred a few years ago. Last year one of the hens had three chicks, two were hens and one a cockerel. Unfortunately I failed to find a new home for the new young cockerel, not even any takers “for the pot” and I have a rule of not intentionally eating any animal I have been personally acquainted with, so Finlay III stayed as part of the flock. At the time his father kept him in check and all was fine. But this Spring he came into maturity and I returned from a short trip away to find Finlay II ostracised to the old garden and not allowed anywhere near the hens. Any time he makes an appearance Finlay III chases him away most vigorously.

Poor Finlay II has even stopped crowing, though otherwise he seems in good health. Anyway as I have taken pity on him I am now feeding him separately and giving him “extras”. Of course this now means that Finlay II sits on the doorstep waiting for me in the morning to give him his share of the bread before I head down to feed the rest of the hens. I top up the hoppers in the hen house, then bring some grain back for him to eat too. At this rate he could live in exile for years!!

I also discovered one of the Maran hens had gone broody in the old byre. I decided I didn’t want any chicks this year as I think I’d like to buy in some new fresh stock, so dumped the poor hen on the floor and ran off with her eggs with her clucking outrage ringing in my ears……. She had only been sitting on them for a few days so I didn’t feel too bad, and I then dumped the eggs over onto the shore. She sat on an empty nest for a day then gave up and joined the rest of “the girls” again pretty soon.

The deposed King, Finlay II

The newly crowned King Finlay III


  1. Both Finlays are fine looking fellas. I reckon Finlay II has the best deal - maximum fuss and treats, no responsibility.

    One of our Maran hens went broody. I spent a fortnight taking the eggs from her, but every day the other hens would lay next to her. We've let her sit on half-a-dozen now. As a poultry novice, I'm not sure exactly what we should be doing!

  2. Like the blog very much, by the way. Good to compare Graemsay with Westray.

  3. Yes but I think Finlay II is a little lonely and I feel sorry for him. However *he* is probably milking that for all it's worth!

    Some similarities between GRaemsay and Westray - except we don't have a pub with good fish and chips!