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Sunday, 8 June 2008

More sunsets....

It’s been a busy few days on the island. The council are about to resurface the public road on Graemsay and are sending over by ferry lots of materials to do this. So tons and tons of “aggregate” are being offloaded onto trailers and deposited around the island. It is expected that the tar-making equipment and workmen will arrive in the next week or so. This will have to come via a different boat as our own ferry crane is not capable of offloading heavy equipment. Apparently the method of resurfacing the road is very quick and so it shouldn’t be necessary to close any part of the road for very long. Which is just as well as with only one single track road any closure is disruptive!

Friday also saw our three South Isles Orkney Island Councillors over to talk to folk in the community about various issues. This was followed by the three of us that are “Community Councillors” going over to Hoy for a finance meeting where the Community Council gives grants to various organisations that have applied for help with their costs. There was a beautiful sunset on the way home so I took some pictures from “Moaness”, which is the pier at the north end of Hoy. The photos look towards the west.

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