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Thursday 11 September 2008

Autumn’s here……

The last couple of days have had an autumnal feel to them. We’ve been lucky in Orkney compared to most of the rest of the UK with a fairly dry spell recently, and lots of bright sunshine, though not too warm. However Tuesday brought showers with a slight breeze.

On Saturday I noticed a lot of activity among the swallows that have used my guttering as a perch during the summer. Lots of chatter and preening of feathers. Getting ready to fly south I thought. But the weather still seemed settled, warm and sunny so I’d hoped they stay a while. However Monday morning dawned bright and sunny again but all was silent outside my study window. They’d flow sometime on Sunday. A bit premature I thought – then Tuesday the weather changed. Clearly the swallows knew what was coming!

They had been a real delight all summer though. I’d seen swallows about in past years but never as many as this year. They were nesting in the byres nearby but would swoop over my field at the back of the house, and use the guttering on the house as a regular perch. As long as I sat still I could watch them for ages and see their plumage in really clear detail. I shall look forward to their return next year!

But first I need prepare for autumn and winter! Must get in torch batteries. Have just ordered some more bottled gas. Time to order in supplies for the store cupboard and freezer – so that if there’s a gale blowing I don’t have to venture forth! I recently had heating fuel delivered (needed a stiff gin and tonic as I wrote the cheque for that lot!) so will be ready when the heating needs switching back on again – which will no doubt be soon!

I should also check outside and make sure there is nothing likely to blow away. The flower tubs still look bright and cheerful so I’ll leave them till the first gale has shrivelled up all the plants and then put the planters in the shed.

Mick said he’d give the grass around the house one final cut. He’s been away on his holidays and the “holiday cover” left something to be desired! The excuse from Mick’s Brother-in-law was “oooh Mick hasn’t left me any petrol for the mower so I can’t cut any grass!”. He went a bit deaf when I offered him a petrol can! Only joking! At this time of year the grass grows slowly anyway so I’m hardly knee deep in grass. Although being “vertically challenged” as they say, it wouldn’t have to be very high for that to happen!

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