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Saturday 13 September 2008

Summer sunsets

Bit of a grey misty day yesterday and today, though still mild. Although I witnessed a beautiful misty sunset over a loch while out "in the country" for dinner with friends". But to remind myself of the sun thought I'd share some of this summer's sunsets with you. These photos were taken by my friend Wendy when she visited earlier this year.

As you can see the sun is setting over to the right hand side of the photo. Now in September it is setting well over to the left just behind the headland there in the photo below left.

Sunrise is at 06.35 and sunset at 19.40 (BST). This compares with 06.31 and 19.21 in London. From about March onwards we get more daylight in Orkney than those in the south of the UK, but at this time of the year you can see we are about the same, and by mid-winter we get about two hours less daylight - with sunrise here being about 9.15 and sunset at 15.15! Then I look forward to the next long summer days!


  1. We are in the teeth of the North Sea down here in Norfolk and facing the North Pole! We would enjoy sharing gardening hints; I`m afraid we don`t have chickens .... no secure garden

  2. The nights seem to draw in so rapidly this time of year. Autumn seems to leap out at us.

    Time to get a good supply of books, plenty of coal for the fire and make sure the roof is secure.

  3. Hi Walrus21- just visited your site. Ohh yes would enjoy sharing gardening tips etc. I think we share the same challenges of sea wind, salt spray etc! Must take time to browse your neck of the woods!

  4. Hi Malc - well fortunately I was here when the new roof was put on so I am fairly happy it's secure :-) Do fret about flying debris and my conservatory windows though! But definitely time to start thinking about hunkering down for the winter.

  5. Good to be in contact, Sian; we are very new to this techie game. Hope your broadband holds up. Speak again soon, walrus