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Friday 12 September 2008

Garden Border

I am delighted with my garden border this year. None of the plants were there before last spring and to be honest I haven’t done much with them except plant and do my best to keep the weeds down. So they have done well left to their own devices!

A friend kindly weeded the border for me last week as it was beginning to get a little overgrown with weeds going to seed – not good for next year. However as my back has been sore I didn’t want to attempt pulling even the smallest weed so was just turning a blind eye to them. I was therefore *very* grateful for the assistance.

This part of the border was only dug this year, again I've planted fuschia, some perennials and an escallonia.

This is how the border looked before being planted up, full of weeds, building rubble and stones. There is still a way to go with the border – the long term aim is that it will be full of shrubs and small trees that will just merge together creating colour and texture without much room for weeds! Along the front and in spaces I’ll plant perennials etc for more colour, which will hopefully do well sheltered by the shrubs from the worst of the salty wind. Some of the plants will also get transplanted to the walled garden – when I get round to sorting that out!


  1. Lovely to see your garden, Sian & to read all about the hens. I have promised myself a visit to Graemsay when I visit Orkney again, last up at Easter. Good luck with the new hens!

  2. Hi Jo - well you must get in touch when you are in Orkney and come out and visit Graemsay!

  3. Hey, Sian! That border is looking good :)