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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Autumn sunset

Well yesterday was the perfect Autumn day. In fact it was WARM early on - I was out in a tee-shirt digging the veg patch. Later it got chilly and I needed a light jacket, but was able to spend most of the day outdoors. And the perfect Autumn day ended with a beautiful sunset (see above and below).

Sunrise today was at 07:54 and sunset will be at 1800, which is not that different to London at the moment (03:30 and 1801).

I love watching the sun track across the sky with the changing seasons. In the photos above the sun is setting behind the Hoy hills. Whereas in "midsummer" the sun sets behind Black Craig on the West Mainland (at about 10pm!) - see below!


  1. I know it's a word that's done to death these days, but your photographs are stunning!

    I'm really enjoying the posts and I'm glad you managed to take advantage of the day to get your veggies sorted.

  2. I think I can catch a glimpse of that Loch Ness fella in your bottom photo!

  3. Fine day, wasn't it? We were in Mainland to collect a car and had a jaunt out to Birsay where we had lunch and a stroll over to the Brough. Strange to think that about three days ago it was so wet we could hardly get out of the door.

  4. Martin - glad you are enjoying the posts. As to the photographs - with such stunning scenery it's largely a case of point and shoot!

    Bev - I know I had to have a closer look at the image too. Well even "Nessie" needs a holiday sometimes. LOL!

    Malc - I know - three days respite from rain, rain, wind, rain, wind etc is wonderful before the full force of winter kicks in!

  5. Love the photos. We occasionally catch a glimpse of sunset between the London rooftops but it's not quite the same!