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Friday 23 October 2009

Busy day at the pier....

As I've mentioned before, our regular ferry is away having work done to it and not due to return till the end of the year. In the meantime we have the "Golden Mariana" for passenger traffic, and another vessel, the "Hoy Head" to deliver large cargo every couple of weeks.

As the weather has been poor the last couple of days (with our passenger ferry cancelled on several occasions), we weren't sure whether the cargo would be delivered today. But sure enough out of the mist and spray appeared the "Hoy Head" bearing goods for the island.

First to be unloaded was a shiny new tractor

Then a neighbour's car

Followed by my heating oil

This big chap (the one on the right)

And to be transported from Graemsay to Kirkwall mart were some cattle - winched onto the deck of the vessel singly in this box.

And just as the events were drawing to a close on the pier, the "Golden Marianna" arrived with groceries from the town. Including a large box for me - the weather does not look good over the coming week so I'm stocking up on essentials - like cat food and milk!

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  1. That is such a different life than I lead! How cool to be able to sit and watch the boat unload and know exactly what everyone is getting. When I need something, I just jump in the car and drive half a mile to a store. When it is so icy I can't drive, I can walk. I'm not sure I'd like being as remote as you are. Too much planning involved. Heh.