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Saturday 3 October 2009

Um - it's a wee bit windy....

OK Autumn has well and truly arrived in Orkney. We don't get any of the "mists and mellow fruitfulness" of Autumn south - it goes directly into rain and gales. And just to show that it isn't always sunny in Orkney, above is a picture taken just now out of an upstairs window.

And this is the sea state at the back of the house - yes it's blurred because yes it's taken through the window which is salt-glazed, with raindrops clinging on for dear life, but no I wasn't going to open the window as the wind is currently gusting at 55 knots (that's 63.4 miles per hour to those of you who are non-nautical like me). And sunset is at 18:39 and sunrise is at 07:22 - sigh.

Button is harumphing around as she wants me to turn the wind off so she can go out. She may have a long wait.

Charlie Boy, on the other hand, although still being a shy boy and not allowing me to get closer than a foot to him, does come when called and is very grateful for his dinner. He has a nice cosy spot in the barn all wrapped up in hay. He's no fool!

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  1. It's windy here in France as well - I've spent a lot of today rescuing blown away things. And sunrise isn't 'til 8.06 - I hate dark mornings grrr.