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Monday 28 September 2009


I love mountains. Maybe I'm just fascinated with the way the landscapes have been moulded through millennia. Anyway while on holiday in Durness I took the opportunity to see some of the Scottish Highlands.

For some stunning professional views take a look at Colin Pryor's website. This is a man who stands on top of mountains and waits till the sun, clouds and shadows are just right before clicking the shutter. I'm a southern softie who steps outside a car and takes a few snaps. The difference is obvious. Anyway here are some of my memories (which it's nice to look back on after a couple of days of persistant rain.... was the holiday only 2 weeks ago- sigh)

In the photo below I'm sure you can see the vertebrae of the mountain on the ridge!

And rivers..... I miss real rivers.......

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  1. Beautiful photos Sian. I do love the Scottish mountains and rivers. The Orkney scenery is pretty good too! Thanks for sharing your pictures and bring back lots of happy memories. Elcmae