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Sunday 20 September 2009

Nope - not Orkney.....

OK I confess - I've been on holiday "South" - to the North West of Scotland, Durness to be precise. Got home yesterday so still catching up on emails, post, and the usual tasks associated with returning home - such as mowing the grass around the house as the neighbourly "ground staff" has hurt his knee, or was it his toe? The story changed during the telling ;-) - either way I felt I ought to mow the grass myself for once (well OK using a walk behind mower but you know what I mean). And I'm having to console poor Button who got beaten up yesterday by another cat. Her beautiful face is quite a mess but thankfully only superficial and the fur will grow back. Her pride is hurt too - but I suspect she gave as good as she got.....

Anyway had a lovely holiday and will share more later in the week. Meanwhile enjoy the picture of the mountain (and no I didn't climb it but admired it from afar).

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  1. "the story changed during the telling", yes, I've heard those too!! You have been busy with entertaining and travelling.