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Friday 11 September 2009

Skara Brae

I've had a colleague from far south visiting for the last couple of days. Among the talk of work etc we did find time to take a quick look at Skara Brae which is located in Skaill Bay (see here for loads of info). As well as investigating for ourselves this important neolithic village, we had also to sample the wonderful home bakes sold in the cafe - for quality control purposes you understand. It's important these are tasted regularly to ensure they come up to the high standards expected by tourists.....

Anyway - just sharing some pictures with you. Must dash - lots to do, may not be around for a few days - so hopefully these photos will keep you going.......

These photos are of one of the houses in the village

This shows the famous "neolithic" dresser - where objects made of bone and pottery were found when the site was excavated.

The village is now right on the shore and in danger from coastal erosion, but evidence suggests that it was much further inland when originally inhabited. The green mound in the bottom left corner is the top of one of the houses.


  1. Remembering the day you went with us to Skara Brae. Our weather wasn't quite as good, tho!

  2. Skara Brae was definitely one of our most favorite places!

  3. No, I'm with Bev, no blue skies the day I saw it! And I don't remember fabulous food in the cafeteria either!

  4. Quite amazing. Thanks for the link.

  5. Skara Brae is a very important site for the history of the North.

  6. Bev - Um know the weather wasn't as good - sigh. I'll try and do better next time!

    MaryZ - Yes it's a great place!

    Mary - as I remember it was grey, cold and damp during your visit and you wondered why on earth I had chosen to move here [g]. And the cafe is under new management so much improved.

    Around the world - thanks for including me in your list!

    Paula - this must be first on your list when you visit....!

    Zyzzyz - yes a very important site.