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Tuesday 8 September 2009

Bring back our sunshine.....!

OK the South-East of England seems to have gathered up all the sunshine for itself and has temperatures in the high 20s (C). Harumph....... meanwhile in Orkney we are preparing for a bl**dy gale with gusts of 70 to 80mph. Eeeek! Plus heavy persistant raind.... I think Autumn just arrived.

Later sailings of the Hamnavoe ferry between Stromness and Scrabster have been cancelled due to the sea state. Our wee ferry will keep sailing though as the water here is more sheltered.

Oh well we had a lovely summer and I am always talking about liking being in tune with the natural rhythms of the seasons so I shall have to stop whining like the wind and welcome Autumn..... A time to put the garden to bed, turn on the heating, and curl up on the sofa in the evening among the pile of books I have gathered in over the summer.

I'd better go and see if anything needs tying down before it gets blown away!!

And the Met Office have just issued a "Flash" Severe weather warning - sigh.


  1. Keep dry and well grounded, Sian. Hopefully there will be some more autumn sun before the winter. Loved your account of rescuing Button's present. I never cease to be amazed at how a "dead" creature can so suddenly become hyperactive!

    The baking apples got a 2nd at the show - out of 3 entries! Perhaps if I'd given them a polish.....

    Thanks for your kind offer. I would so love to visit Orkney again. I will have to become more focused & now is a good time as both Tom & Maria will be students - well, away from home for at least half the year!

    I'll be watching your weather forecast. Jo

  2. We’ve got it! We've got some sun! Sorry to sound so joyous at your expenses, but can't help it. Ten days, ten days to 'do' summer! Well, so they say...if pigs can fly.

    But I do hope yours comes back. I feel the need for Scotland moving in you never know!

  3. Now that wasn't so bad, was it? Not half as severe as predicted anyway.

    Look at it as a training exercise for November - a fire drill perhaps.

  4. Jo - well done on getting 2nd! Even if it WAS out of three!!

    Paula - well I won't begrudge you some hours of sunshine as long as you let us have SOME of it back.

    Malc- the hype was worse than the gale - and yes it was a fair warning for November. No damage but I forgot to put some flower pots away and they are now probably adorning the Bar Buoy in the middle of the Sound...!