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Saturday 5 September 2009

Pastoral landscapes

Before the heavy rain of the last couple of days grass was still being cut for hay/silage on the island. This has been a good year for crops in Orkney as the weather has been mainly dry. So lots of silage and hay bales being piled up around in byres and corners of fields.

And on the sea, the "Hamnavoe" plies her trade back and forth several times a day between Stromness and Scrabster on the Scottish Mainland.


  1. Have so enjoyed your postings of the last few days, Sian. They give a real flavour of the island and the seasons. I feel very sad that so many people have lost touch with the rhythms of nature. This can apply to me at times, new job etc etc. I'm currently trying to plan short breaks and holidays for myself - if only travelling time to Orkney & Shetland was not so lengthy! I find it hard to contemplate flying in environmental terms, not to mention the cost, but it is very tempting if it would allow me such a beneficial & uplifting break. We shall see.......
    Off to the local allotment show now to see if my apples have won a prize. It's such a fun time with an auction of the produce at the end. Bye, Jo

  2. Glad you are enjoying the photos. I too was out of step with the rhythms of nature when living south. It's kind of "in yer face" here and can't be ignored! Do hope you get to Orkney sometime. You're welcome to use here as a base for exploring off to other islands! But yes the cost of travel and the time do hinder more folk visiting..... So - how did your apples get on in the show?!