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Sunday 27 September 2009


A brief interlude in the photos from Durness.

It was the the Graemsay Ladies Craft Sale on Friday (they call themselves "the Fat Cat's Club"). Due to the poor weather not many folk ventured over from Stromness, but most of the island folk turned out and a good afternoon was had by all, with soup, sandwiches and home bakes for lunch and a chance to browse through the "craft".

Saturday was a beautiful sunny and warm day. A reminder of summer, as Autumn had hit Orkney in the last week with a persistent wind going on for days. It only reached gale force now and again but it was very blustery - and annoying! Hey Ho - it's Autumn.......

Here are some photos taken yesterday.

Goodness knows where the butterfly had been hiding for the last few windy days!

Above you can see why Graemsay is called "the green isle" - pastoral green land with the darker Hoy Hills in the background.

And this looks like a dinosaur skeleton! It is in fact seaweed on the beach.

And the new "lawn" is looking very green too!


  1. Loved the photos, especially the butterfly. Given the lifespan of a butterfly, it was probably still in the coccoon during the windy days!

  2. Your lawn is looking magnificent. Mine wee one is a lumpy mess of dandelions (yuk) daisies (yay) a very pleasant little weed that stays flat - and invading gorse.

    Heaps of gale forece winds here too - normal for Spring and school holidays , lol.

    Huggles to you and Button, from Mickle and Zeb (why sit up to wash your face when you can do so lounging on your side...)

  3. Bev - yes you're probably right about the butterfly being in it's cocoon. Don't think there will be many butterflies around today - too cold and wet - sigh.

    Mickle - well it is a new lawn, not sure how it will look in a year to two! LOL! Oooh you have summer to look forward too..... hugs to you and Zebbycat. Yup cats have got it right :-)