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Tuesday 22 September 2009

Durness, NW Scotland

As promised some photos from my recent holiday in Durness. The photo above was from the window of the cottage where some friends and I stayed on the edge of the Balnakeil Craft Village just by Loch Croispal.

Upside down sheep?

The craft village itself is - er - interesting in appearance! It was built in the 1950's as an early warning station in case of nuclear attack - this was the time of the "Cold War" remember. Anyway although built by the military it was never used and was eventually reborn as a craft village in the mid 1960s and has continued since as a place for local crafts, and also includes a great bookshop which serves wonderful soup and lunches among the books, and the most wonderful chocolate shop - more about that tomorrow (chocolate deserves full attention)!

Durness is a great place to explore the North West tip of Scotland, and there are fantastic beaches all along the coast.

Not to mention intrepid surfers.... (or rather I think they were "body boarding"? or whatever the correct term is?). Completely bonkers......

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