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Thursday, 3 September 2009

I saw a sea shell on the sea shore.....

Lots of sea shells........ these are photos taken from the "shell" beach just below Sandside. It's my favourite beach with cold water coral mixing with the shells along the tide line and above.


  1. Your shell photos are lovely, Sian, and, being on a shell-free beach ourselves, Walrus is jealous.

  2. It's funny because this beach is separated by an old stone pier from the sandy beach from which my house gets its name (Sandside) yet on the sandy beach there is nary a shell to be seen. It's as if there is an underwater traffic control system - "Move along there, shells to the right, sand to the left"! OK I know it's to do with tides and currents, but still - it does seem like magic! LOL!