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Sunday 6 September 2009


One of my hens must be walking about very gingerly after laying the egg on the left - it's almost square! Well OK not quite, but it IS considerably larger than she usually lays (see egg on the right). Poor thing!

And these are my first "tatties" from the garden! Pink Fir Apple variety (though I am assured they ARE potatoes). I think they should be renamed Prolific Pink Fir Apple - this is just the crop of two plants!


  1. That egg had me wincing!

    Lovely looking spuds, eat and enjoy.

  2. That egg had me wincing, too!

    I've never seen tatties like that, so will be interested to hear if they taste like regular potatoes.

  3. Tatties were delicious - they are a salad variety and probably taste better once cooked and left to eat cold, but I only eat hot "spuds"! They - er- also grow into interesting shapes [g].

  4. Excellent crop of tatties. Mine are like pebbles by comparison!

  5. Humpf - I planted Ratte - the french equivalent of Pink Fir Apple and would have had a fantastic harvest had the blight not got to them first. Grrrrrr

    Rosie x

  6. Fiona - think mine are beginners luck! The earth in the walled garden is gorgeous and hasn't been cultivated for over 20 years. I think all the bugs and things have yet to discover it - so probably next year! I am please though as apart from weedkiller last year, I used organic fertilizer (seaweed) and sacrificial crops so no need for chemicals to aid growth or fight bugs.

    Rosie - oh no I read about your blight. Didn't realise they were the equivalent of the pink fur apples. I feel your pain! It is so frustrating to put in all the hard work to have the bugs destroy everything before harvesting. Fingers crossed for next season...!