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Sunday 10 January 2010

A chance for some fresh air.....

Both Button and I felt like some fresh air today, so went for a short walk to the beach below the house. However there was still a lot of ice around and I think Button would have preferred hunting in the byres to walking on the beach! The snow is slowly disappearing from the Orkney Mainland but still a lot of ice about apparently. Graemsay is green again but large frozen puddles are still in evidence. This photo was taken about 3.30pm with the setting sun reflecting pink in the sky above Stromness. The days are slowly getting longer........


  1. I've noticed the nights getting a bit longer - but the mornings are painfully dark still. Roll on longer mornings.

    Rosie x

  2. Yes sunrise here is still only at 0858.... but I'm not a "morning person" and don't need to get up too early so I have to say I don't notice too much!

  3. Love those lengthening days!

    And poor Button - looks like he's getting his little bottom cold on the icy wall.

  4. Lucky you with the chill, baking here in the heat of Sydney, Australia, I know life is greener etc etc and I'm looking forward to shorter days and the cold (well as cold as it gets in Sydney which is more like an Autumn day for you).
    Virginia K,