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Friday 15 January 2010

Winter returns to normal in Orkney ... Gales!

So we've had a rapid thaw, just some ice and snow clinging to the Hoy and Orphir hills. But now we have gales, with severe gales forecast for the weekend - sigh. It's been windy off and on this week and we had no boats on Wednesday. The ferry came this morning but other sailings are likely to be cancelled today and tomorrow. So there's nothing for it but to hunker down in the warm and wait for it go calm down.

I did manage to get out to feed the hens by keeping in the shelter of the garden dyke, and made it to feed Charlie Boy in the barn - though he had to go with just a quick pat on the head, as I threw the food on the floor and fled back to the warmth and safety of the house. I had thought I'd take the car down to the barn for shelter but the wind whipped the door out of my hand and back on it's hinges. It took a whole lot of effort to shut it again and I think it's dropped a bit but at least it still shut (most cars end up with "Orkney doors" after a few years of gales)! Won't be trying THAT again.

Weather set to be worse tomorrow. Magic-Seaweed site has bright red over Orkney - um that's windy!

The sheep in a nearby field have found some shelter from the wind behind the lighthouse dyke.


  1. Brrrr cold! It's always the wind that gets you. I love the description of "Orkney doors" - great visual. Stay warm!

  2. They say that when the east wind blows here on the coast that it goes through you not around you but the Orkney gales sound really fierce! Batten down the hatches and light a nice warm fire!! Keep safe.

  3. Mary Z - hmmm well my "Orkney Door" is rather buckled at the moment - sigh.

    Elcmae - yes definitely a "lazy wind" in Orkney (goes through you rather than round you). Unfortunately don't have a "real" fire but efficient heating - as long as the power stays on!!