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Sunday, 24 January 2010


Firstly I want to say Hallo to children at Michelsberg Grammar School in Geislingen. One of the classes wrote to me because in their English class they are learning about the Orkney islands and came across my blog. It was a lovely surprise to receive their letters.

The days are slowly getting longer. Thankfully it is getting a little lighter in the morning. Sunrise is now at 0839am, and sunset at 1609. I was at the pier waiting for the boat earlier this week and took these pictures of "dawn breaking" at 8.15!

The weather has been changeable here but thankfully milder with no snow or ice. But we had strong winds during the week so I haven't been out much and therefore not much else to say today!

Below is Hoy High lighthouse with the lights of Stromness in the background. OK I got some pole thingy in the way of the lighthouse but it was cold and I was barely awake.....


  1. I do love to see the days lengthening! Your "pole" in the photo looks like a shadow. You're forgiven. Great photos, as always.

  2. Ah well spotted - yes I think it's the shadow of the pole with a triangle on top - which identifies where the electricity comes onto the island!

  3. it's awesome that you are blogging.
    i really love this way of life, and what you are writing about + all the photos!

    just randomly was looking at blogs and this was the one i had to stop by and bookmark after going through dozens others.

  4. Vladislav - thanks so much for stopping by and posting a comment. Glad you enjoy my blog and the photos. Hope you enjoy future posts too!

  5. Lovely photos! I've just found your blog through somewhere... and I'm enjoying reading it.

    I would love to escape to an island somewhere, you're so lucky.