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Tuesday 19 January 2010

MV Graemsay returns!

Our wee boat which has been away for "lengthening" (I'm not allowed to call it a "cut & shut" job!) has just returned from the shipyard after an absence of three months. So above is a photo of the "new boat in Stromness harbour, and below is a photo of how it used to look. The new longer boat can carry more cargo. However the claim that it can carry a "15 tonne lorry" is amusing some island folk - the Graemsay pier isn't a "ro-ro" pier so everything will still have to be lifted on and off by crane, which won't be able to lift a 15 tonne lorry! But as I say it can carry more cargo, more cattle pens, sheep pens etc and is apparently more fuel efficient.

For the three month departure the "MV Golden Marianna" has been in service. This usually takes school kids back and forth between two of the Northern Isles (Westray and Papa Westray) but in it's absence the kids have had to be flown to school each day and home again! So "Papay" will be glad to have their wee boat back too. And I have to say I shall be glad to see it go - it's an OK little boat but not good for our pier in bad weather or a gale, and it's not so easy for it to dock at the pier or for passengers to get on and off. See below........ at least we HAD a service - but we're all glad to have our proper wee boat back!


  1. I'm getting round to reading all your posts...gradually!
    So glad you have your wee boat back, 'lengthened'! Even without the 15 tonne lorry...
    How's winter progressing up there? Turned a bit windy and wild again and snow is forecast again.

  2. Was the boat lengthened so it can carry industrial levels of chocolate to keep you going through the drear winter days??
    I'm sure you're glad to see it back!

  3. Paula - It's windy and wild here and set to get worse tomorrow but so far no more snow - thankfully! Saw some news footage of snow in the South West and thought of you (as I sat snug and warm indoors..!).

    Wendy - hmmm now THERE'S a thought!

  4. Don't you love Orkney Ferries? Maybe they could just tip the lorry over the side of Stromness harbour.
    One of the North Isles boats, the Varagen, has a smart new toilet for disabled and a special big comfy seat for the disabled. . . at the top of three flights of stairs.

  5. And, so I'm told, it's cheaper to fly the Papay children over to school than it is to run the Mariana in winter.