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Monday, 19 April 2010

Lambs and snow....

OK, one lamb happily taking breakfast! And we had brief sleet/hail showers yesterday too! Brrr! It was 4 degrees C at 6pm, and 19 degrees C in London - not fair!

Still no planes in the air due to volcanic ash. Even the small 8-seater inter-isles propellor planes are not going although they fly at about 1,000 feet at most. Northlink are putting on more ferries to and from Aberdeen. Lots of students needing to get back to University, plus folk needing to go to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for tests and appointments (our Orkney hospital is a "community hospital" without equipment to do lots of the more complex tests). Our mail and newspapers usually arrive by plane, so no doubt there will be delays there too.

Below the Hoy hills covered in snow not volcanic ash!

Note : for the fifth day in succession, no flights in or out of the UK, including Orkney and Shetland although it had been expected that our flights might have started yesterday. Apparently volcanic ash still causing a problem.


  1. Strange day wasn't it? One minute it was warm sunshine in Westray, the next we had snow showers. Sally and I took a walk out to see the first puffins at Castle Burrian and froze in the stiff northerly.

  2. OOOh puffins are back - MUST be spring! Bit cilly out there again today too..... AND there was lighting last night as well. Weird weather...

  3. What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!