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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The light is on again!

Engineers came over and fixed the lighthouse light today. No idea what the problem was but at last it's shining out across the waves again. It did feel sad last night not seeing the light out of my window.

I'd mentioned yesterday that I thought it was the first time in it's history that the light wasn't shining, but I wonder whether it was dimmed in WWII? I'm curious now so shall have to find out. No info on the web but I have heard there is to be a new exhibition at the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum in Lyness (on the island of Hoy) from this weekend so there might be information there. This permanent exhibition will " illustrate the impact the Second World War had on the island of Hoy and on the thousands of service men and women stationed there. Fortress Orkney is a local history initiative and part of Their Past Your Future Scotland." Must go over and see the exhibition this summer. The island of Hoy would have had only about 200 people living on it during WWII, can you imagine how life would change with an influx of thousands of extra service people?!! I was talking with one of the curators, Jude, today and she was saying it was a really exciting exhibition and included an oral history project with locals. There will be a website for this project which is run in conjunction with 7 other museums across Scotland, but it won't be ready for another couple of months. I'll post the link once it's "live" so others can have a window on the past too.

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  1. I am glad the light is on again.The exihibition sounds interesting will look out for news.