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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Mars and Venus mow the lawn....

I now have my new tractor-mower "modified" so I can drive it without stalling (due to shifting my weight and triggering a cut-out switch). So I've been busy mowing the grass around the house and also the new "lawn" in the walled garden. My neighbour, Mick, stopped by with words of "advice" and commented on the fact that I wasn't mowing in straight lines....... um.... see picture above, (though in the picture the woman (Venus) is on her mobile)..... but - straight lines are dull and lack creativity, "nature" doesn't do "straight lines" and neither do I, and I had to evade the clothes-line posts! But I cranked up the engine and the noise thankfully drowned out any remaining comments. I just waved regally and sped off ( if 3mph can be called "speeding"?) to complete my mowing. As it was I had Button AND the chickens casting an eye over my efforts. Everyone's a critic..... sigh....

Note: copyright of picture above is Annie Tempest


  1. I've loved reading about your new lawn mower tractor. The saga of getting it off the dock was brilliant.

    From my perspective the 'Venus approach' is much more creative :-)

  2. I agree about the "Venus approach"!
    Besides it's not good for the grass to be constantly cut in the same direction!! Tee Hee!