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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sunset over West Mainland

The sun has moved across from it's winter position of setting behind the Hoy hills to now setting behind the West Mainland. A lovely Spring sunset from this week.


  1. What a sunset! I was fascinated by yesterday's photographs Sian. What a find in the graveyard. Hopefully the parents will find some peace from some of the predators. We've been watching our local nesting birds having to fight off Hooded Crows and Black Backed Gulls. The parents are very determined in trying to drive the much bigger birds away.

  2. I've been doing lots of research in preparation for our holiday to Orkney, and gather that the islands are well known for fabulous sunsets. Perhaps that Icelandic ash will make them even better? It would be nice to think it could do something helpful!

    P.S. Seems like the world and his wife are planning to go to Orkney this summer. From the number of fully booked cottages, it looks like you're going to be overrun by tourists! We're still hoping to find a byre or something to squeeze or two possibilities but not much left.

  3. Learner Gardener - I'm hoping to see the Oystercatcher chicks and hope the parents have good parenting skills. I came across an oystercatcher chick on the road last year and it just ran and hid it's head in the verge, rather like an ostritch, poor thing. I picked it up and placed it in the field out of passing tractors and the parents found it soon enough.....

    Kate - oh I do hope you get something. Self-catering cottages on the Orkney mainland do seem to get fully booked pretty quickly. I don't have your email address so email me and I'll see if I can suggest anywhere. How many are you, and how old are the boys?? email: