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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ullapool - the Summer Isles

Today's photos are of the Summer Isles which are just off the coast between Ullapool and Achiltibuie (NW Scotland). The islands are a haven for wild-life. Each evening we watched the sun setting over the Summer Isles, really beautiful.

There are beautiful beaches along near Achiltibuie, which is a small hamlet. I took the regular bus service out there one morning and the bus driver gave us all a guided tour of the area, pointing out local landmarks and telling us some of the history. He had moved up from England having been a coach tour driver for many years and on his own initiative had started giving the guided tour on the regular bus route! The bus stopped at a cafe at Achiltibuie long enough for tea and cake and a short walk, then back on a loop road and along the single track road (with passing places) to Ullapool. The journey was a bit hair-raising as the single track road follows the edge of the mountains and is very winding. I think we started the few car drivers we met - fortunately there are plenty of "passing places".

A beach near Achiltibuie


  1. I love your photographs Sian, they give a real flavour of the place. I simply cannot imagine being on a bus on a high up, single track road. Gives me a funny tum just thinking about it!

  2. I don't mind heights - which is funny given I'm under 5 foot tall myself!

  3. The 'Summer Isles': what an incredibly romantic name. Have never visited them (although always wanted to), so your post/pix are a treat. Thank you!
    Does their name connote someIs there a Celtic myth/mystery? I've often wondered ...