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Sunday 13 February 2011

Dreich weather

I love the Scottish word "dreich" - it is like it sounds (onomatopoeia) - the weather this week has been miserable, wet, drizzly, cold and windy and miserable.  I'm glad I haven't had to go outdoors much. However earlier in the week was a sight to gladden the heart. The delicate flower above bloomed just two days after the 122mph Orkney storm winds of a couple of days before.  The buds on the willows below don't seem to have suffered from the storm force winds either.  I love signs of Spring (as does Buttons!), even though in Orkney it will be some way to go yet......


  1. Good to hear from you. I was hoping the Orkney winter hadn't gotten to you. Love those early signs of spring. None here yet, but there should be by the end of this predicted warmer week. We have those teeny iris-like flowers, too, but the forsythia is always the first to show color.

  2. Not many signs here, I'm afraid. I love how your grass stays so green all winter, though!

  3. Scots is full of juicy onomatopoeic words, but 'dreich' has to be one of the best of all. Sadly it's only too useful in Scotland! Lovely to see the flowers and buds though. We're getting there, slowly, slowly.

  4. Mary Z - No - sloth is my problem not the Orkney winter ;-) Ah yes the forsythia was always the first to show colour in my garden "south" too. Hmmm wonder if I could plant some in my garden - it has happy memories!

    VioletSky - Well some of the grass goes fairly brown, but Graemsay is known as the "green isle" and it does always look fairly green in winter! And the grass in my garden is certainly growing...!

    Dancer - I have lots more Scots words to learn and Orcadian ones too. I love learning new words! Yes Spring is nearly here.... I AM still trying to appreciate Winter...but I'm getting impatient now!