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Sunday 27 February 2011

Sun and Spring...

The weekend provided more "harbingers of Spring". The fields are beginning to green up again. The round silage bales in the foreground are getting fewer in number as these are used to feed the cattle overwintering indoors, and the sheep in the fields. The Hoy Hills are in the background.

The hens (and cockerel of course) are enjoying rootling around the soft earth.  They seem to find bugs and bits and pieces to amuse themselves anyway.  I even saw a hedgehog when I went to shut in the hens the other night. I fear it's way to early for a hedgehog to come out of hibernation so am rather concerned about it... but hopefully it can feast on bugs and things and maybe return to shelter if the weather turns bad. I'll have to remember to put food out for it if the weather changes dramatically though....sigh.......

As you can see the willows are bearing their fluffy buds at the moment. The rosa rugosa has green shoots, and the "lawn" is greening up again (time to get the tractor-mower out soon I think!).


  1. We are planting a Rosa rugosa hedge as soon as Simon gets back from England with the plants - they are bare rooted so I hope not too many will have broken bud.

  2. Lovely to see the willow buds - we don't have any here. And such GREEN grass! I think your spring is further ahead than ours, despite those gales you had.