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Friday 25 February 2011


As far as I'm concerned Spring is well and truly on her way! Above are the dwarf Narcissus in full flower among the trees that are full of fuzzy buds protecting bright young leaves.  The hens are basking in the sun, enjoying rootling around in this miniature woodland paradise.

These wee flowers are also enjoying the Spring sunshine.... I chopped their legs off as I was trying to fend off the hens to keep them out of the photo. Sian = Bearer of Food

Button(s) the intrepid warrior was also enjoying the sunshine and busy climbing trees to inspect the buds......

This is Button(s) looking rather ungainly after deciding that she was a little too heavy for the thin branches of the willow trees!  Tee Hee!

Sunrise is now at 0721 and sunset at 1730 - yes the days are definitely getting longer!!


  1. Sian, the sunshine must lift your spirits.It's been so dull here but today looks hopeful. Love your pictures of Button. It is so amusing watching cats descend from a great height - all elegance & modesty vanishes! Marmite, my cat is sitting in the sun next to the laptop as I type. So glad to hear from you, Jo

  2. Jo - lovely to hear from you again! Funny how cats always find the warmest spot!