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Monday 14 February 2011

I'm playing....

....with templates on this blog.......  just fancy a change!  Currently sticking with plain and simple.... but let me know if you think anything doesn't work!


  1. Louise from Seattle14 February 2011 at 22:38

    I like the template I'm seeing, definitely voting "yes." So happy to see you posting again. Stay warm - as you noted, spring WILL arrive!

  2. It looks good,I think playing is a great idea even when I get lost in the tecy bits.

  3. I like it, very streamlined. Any more signs of spring?

  4. Sorry to disagree but I don't like it so much as the previous version. I am running a very old version of Explorer and if I close my Favourites sidebar to get a full screen version of the blog, everything disappears and I get a blue screen. Yes, just like the Orkney blue skies I know...!

  5. Looks fine to me. (It's fun playing around with templates, isn't it!)

  6. Louise - well I'm still only posting my head I have all these ideas but the body is weak!

    Walrus21 - I love hitting all the buttons and seeing what happens!

    Depserate Reader - Glad you like it. Yes more signs of spring - will post shortly....

    London Girl - oh sorry! I'll try and change the left hand margin. Let me know if it's any better. I had tested it out with a range of browsers but hadn't realised older versions would be a problem.... I hate technology sometimes!

    Bev - good glad it looks OK to you. Yes I love playing - when I have time!!