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Friday, 23 September 2011


Autumn is definitely here, now we have passed the equinox. But Nature produced a beautiful rainbow to mark the occasion so I couldn't be sad.

Meanwhile Button is selecting her "indoor spaces" for additional napping time, now she doesn't want to be outdoors so much.

The bees are still making the most of the Borage which apparently keeps refilling it's flowers with nectar. This plant has been a huge success and I'm hoping for reseedings next year too! I love the fine hairs on the borage flowers!

I took an opportunity this morning in the lull between gales to go out and do some harvesting. The courgettes (zucchini) have done well this year, and the broad beans are not doing too badly, though they are late in filling out their pods.  But there will be lots of broad beans for the freezer which is good!

But the Hoy Hills look very dour today. An image of a sleeping dinosaur!

And tonight there is a Quiz in our community hall, so I'd better go and put my "thinking-cap" on!

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