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Monday 19 September 2011

A time of mists and mellow fruitfulness....

Not sure who used that phrase to describe Autumn but it was certainly true this morning. I woke to the view above. A beautiful sight to come home to! Have "domestics" and washing to be done today but will be back soon with photos of my trip "south".


  1. I've always loved ground fogs!

  2. Keats- in his Ode to Autumn.

  3. that is a beautiful welcoming home!

  4. It was gorgeous, if a little un-nerving with no wind, but very beautiful I came over all misty myself!

    When you were off galavanting, there was the most beautiful rainbow right over the lighthouse, as I drove down the track, cursing not having the camera in the car, ran upstairs and found camera - darn thing had gone! Bah!!!!!

  5. Autumn, the most beautiful time of year, and Ode to Autumn is one of my favourite poems:)

  6. MaryZ - they are very atmospheric!

    Betsy - Thanks for that! I was unfamiliar with the poem.

    VioletSky - oh yes it was, the evening before was beautiful too. I love going away and I love coming home, and this was a magical homecoming!

    OrkneyFlowers - ooh what a shame! Never mind I shall paint the rainbow in my imagination :-)

    Shirlwin - well Autumn is not one of my favourite seasons, but I accept it as part of life. Thanks for introducing me to Ode to Autumn!