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Thursday 8 September 2011

Poor Puss-Cat

Poor Button cut her paw on Tuesday night, out on the prowl.... unfortunately she chose to stay in bed till mid-day yesterday so I didn't discover this till she finally emerged from bed and stood looking pathetic on three legs. Every time she put her fourth paw on the floor she meowed (before you start panicking this ends OK!). Of course *I* panic and all sorts of catastrophe theories rush through my mind, culminating in me thinking she's broken her leg or something!  Needless to say once I got a look at the paw it was merely a cut pad. However it WAS a deep cut and I was worried about infection. I'd missed all the boats that day so made an appointment at the vet for today. I'm glad I did as the wound has already got a slight infection, however the vet gave Button an injection of an antibiotic which lasts for two weeks, plus a painkiller (which doesn't last long). Needless to say Button is walking on all four paws today, but still "shouted" all the way to the vets and home again.

I did feel sorry for her this morning though as the sea was quite rough and a squally shower came just as we were getting on the boat.  I'd put a towel over the cat-box to try and keep the worst of the weather off her, but she was not impressed and the yowelling got louder!

The vet practice I take her too (NorthVet) is very good with "isles" pets and keeps them in a crate at the surgery while owner's go off shopping, rather than having the poor pet in the car for several hours. I think they all needed ear plugs by the time I got back.

Anyway we are home now, Button has eaten a late breakfast, demanded lots of fuss (of course) and is now settled down on my bed ready to sleep off her exhausting day.

The vet said if her paw wasn't clear within a week to take her back. I asked for tranquilizers, and she said yes she could give me some pills to sedate the cat. No I said, for ME!

Anyway I did a bit of shopping in town, met a friend for lunch and another for a coffee (only don't tell Button that I was having a good time while she was shut in at the vets!).

Picture at top of this post is our wee ferry the MV Graemsay, next to a wonderful "gin palace" with the big ferry the Hamnavoe in the background.

Below is the shower that drowned us all at the pier (including the kids going off to school!)

And here is Kirbuster Loch in Orphir, on the Orkney Mainland, looking very atmospheric.

And here is the exhausted Button- and yes she got into bed before I'd made it as I left in a hurry this morning for the "early boat"......I don't have the heart to disturb her though....... I may be sleeping on the floor tonight!



  1. Sending get well soon wishes to Button... and calming thoughts to 'mum'! xx

  2. Poor Button! Poor Mom! I'm sure he'll move over to make room for you in the bed.

  3. I am glad that Buttons in on the mend. I wondered-what if you had an animal health emergency? Would the vet be able to come to you? Would you need to get to the mainland?