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Thursday 10 May 2012

More on hens.... the garden!  Above "Who's a pretty boy then?"

Clearly these girls think so! A friend suggested a caption for this "Hands off, Snowy, he's mine!"

Meanwhile this bee is enjoying some nectar from the lungwort

A one legged not really - she's just resting one!

Mrs & Mrs?


  1. your chooks are very photogenic.

    I would gladly do a review of your scone recipe..... (hint, hint)

  2. Recipes to follow at weekend when I have a bit more time!! Promise!!

  3. Love the one legged hen photo Sian, would make a cracking postcard........

  4. Love the photos of your chooks. Linda xxx

  5. I love the last shot of the happy couple.

  6. Oh, aren't chickens fun!! You're making me wish I still had some.....