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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rainy days....

I was in the garden yesterday, sitting on my bench, drinking tea and contemplating summer. Then the wind and rain arrived last night. When I say "rain" - it's the torrential continuous rain that folk South in the UK have suffered for some time. The poor wee lambs will really suffer in this. Wind and cold they can deal with as long as they get a warm belly of milk.  The rain is another matter. Not a good time for farmers.

I promised recipes today. But I have an Evil Migraine so that event is postponed till my brain re-emerges from the fuzz that has enveloped it all day.  I'll get back to replying to comments then too.....

It's the middle of May and I'm looking forward to the Leek & Potato soup that is bubbling on the cooker just now......sigh.....

Meanwhile, take a look at this short film of the beautiful neighbouring island of Hoy through the seasons, by John Findlay


  1. Sorry you're feeling poorly, Sian. I hope the hot soup and a good night's sleep will do the trick and that the rain will leave as quickly as it came. A lovely little film, thanks.

  2. Commiserations on your migraine ... they are not nice at all!
    Hopefully tomorrow it will be just an unpleasant memory.

  3. Can't believe you're posting with a migraine ! Get better fast !

    Can't the lambs go inside ? Poor things ...

    Lovely video.

  4. the video is really great , thanks for the link :) Have a good rest :)

  5. evil rainfalls can bring about evil migraines. hope both dissipate quickly.