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Friday, 11 May 2012


I'm valiantly carrying on planting seeds in the veg patch, despite low temperatures. Showers of rain today but there is some warmth in the sun, out of the wind. (Photo of sunset above was taken on Wednesday night).  But main temperatures are still in single figures....and it's the middle of MAY!  At least we haven't suffered the torrential rain and flooding of other parts of the UK. Even the grass seems to be slow growing this year. Which is fine for me as it means I can spend time gardening rather than mowing grass (no it doesn't count as gardening!).  But not good for crops or silage etc.

Anyway the strawberries are netted as they are coming in to flower now.

And carrots sown today and are cosy under their fleecy blanket! This helps keep carrot fly at bay - I keep the fleece on all through the season and it seems to work and I still get regular sized, tasty carrots!

Even in the walled garden I struggle with some herbs. They just don't survive the winter winds laden with salt spray. I've planted these two thyme plants near the compost bin.  I keep trying!

I've planted some trees in the garden. Here is a young Rowan tree (supposed to keep evil spirits away from the house or so legend tells!). It's not very big - the lovage is taller (just behind it).

Meanwhile Spring flowers are blooming. Aquilegia are my favourite. I have several in the garden.

The forget-me-nots are happy here. These are from Kentish stock (from a friend's garden) and have adapted well to the harsher Northern climate!  Happy little things

These bluebells have been here for many many years, long before I moved here. Each Spring they bloom despite being exposed to strong winds.

Time for a cuppa after all that work!


  1. Lovely photos, Sian, but I do wish this northerly wind would veer round to a warmer direction. Even down here in Wales it's only comfortable out of the wind and our temperature has barely crept into double figures (could reach the dizzy height of 13 today!)

  2. PS I forgot to say that I'm afraid you'll have to wait for that photo you wanted of our ash tree in leaf. Mid-May and all that's to be seen as yet are lots of black buds. Not a leaf in sight....

  3. I just planted a couple of mountain ash trees that I "borrowed" from the bog at the end of my street. I thought the young leaves on your Rowan tree looked very familiar !

    Wish we had bluebells here ...