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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sunrise on a Saturday.....

Much as I welcome the sun at any time, sunrise on a day off is something I would rather miss.... however some night's are like that.  And watching the sun rise with a cup of tea is as good a way as any to greet a morning if one has to ;-)  (Note..... I have never been a morning person!).

Sunrise today 4.48, sunset 9.27....... I love the long light days..... I also like a lie-in on a Saturday....needless to say Button the Cat has a lot to do with me being up at this hour of the day...... who'd have thought there were TWO 5 o'clocks in the same day.


  1. I feel for you, Sian, I really do - as one non-morning person to another. :-)

  2. Sorry you had a rough start Sian. But this is as funny a post as I've ever read about being forced awake too soon. "Who'd have thought there were TWO 5 o'clocks in the same day." Indeed. We should not be conscious of both of them! Sleep better tomorrow.

  3. Have you seen the cartoons of "Simon's Cat" ? There's a wonderful one of how his cat wakes him up.

    Exactly how does Button wake you ?