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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lovely sunny days for visitors....

Well we won't mention the gale on the Sunday when my visitors were here, which was a time to stay indoors with books and a lovely roast dinner cooked by G, one of my guests. Yum! But they enjoyed their visit, and went swimming several times off the beach and near the pier, with a little snorkelling thrown in. Tales of seals, fish and jellyfish..... And we all went outside to watch a sunset....

And did I mention swimming......

The smile says it all!

Meanwhile I pottered along the shore .....

This could be the Limpet equivalent of a Graemsay gathering!

While R and her dad wondered along collecting shells in an old battered jug for a school project.....

And then a walk home up the old pier...... the hills of hoy were under a blanket of mist....

And then dinner was a lovely "Thank You" chicken pie (again cooked by G)..... delicious it was too....

Visitors have departed now and all the leftovers eaten.  A few busy days to come over the next couple of weeks, then a slow wind down as the days grow steadily shorter.


  1. great sky :) You really say swimming ;)

  2. How cold was the water ? I'm not much of an ocean swimmer. What a lovely thank you they baked.

  3. that is a lovely looking pie.....
    having a day indoors watching a brewing storm can be rejuvenating in its own way, but I bet everyone was itching to get back outside as soon as! you live in an area that begs to enjoyed from beyond the windows.

  4. And what very nice visitors they were, Sian. That pie looks delicious! No sure i'd have enjoyed the swimming though. I'm a poor swimmer at the best of times and in cold water.... Brrr!

  5. Swimming? In UK waters? Brrrrr! :)

    Looks beautiful there.

  6. Swimming - fabulous! I swam in warm seas off Argyll and Brittany this summer, but haven't swum as far north as you - yet!