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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ness of Brodgar Dig 2013

The latest Ness of Brodgar excavations  are revealing more treasures to the world. The site is described as a  "prehistoric complex in the heart of Neolithic Orkney. This week there was great excitement as an incised stone was uncovered.  There is a Daily Dig Diary during the excavations (they finish on 21st August this year) and it's well worth a look - click here for the diary

Meanwhile here are some photos taken on my visit this week. I had some friends from Australia staying for a few days so we did a mini exploration of archaeological sites in Orkney. They were delighted to be able to view an ongoing excavation and one that is so important too.  Though we missed seeing Tony Robinson of "Time Team" (TV series on archaeology) by just 10 minutes - much to the disappointment of my visitors who are keen viewers and fans. He and Francis Pryor were on the dig making a "Time Team Special" to be shown on TV at some point. Last week Neil Oliver was on site, with his flowing locks blowing in the wind!

It's hard for the uninitiated (like myself!) to make sense of the site.  It looks like a jumble of stone!!

But in each section there are experts working away painstakingly recording or uncovering....

This wall looks like new, but was uncovered only recently. Amazing how solid it is, and how thick....

Each year new theories evolve about what the site was used for.... (looks like a Neolithic student pad in this shot!!)

The site is huge - this is just one part of it....

Data on the site is recorded using state of the art equipment, like the gizmo on the tripod here, and also using more traditional methods like drawing by hand and recording by numbers.....

And here is some of the decoration that has been discovered THIS year....

As well as lots of other artefacts...... imagine the last hands that touched these before they were excavated.....

I'm hoping to take another look at the site before it is covered again till next year!


  1. I find this sort of thing just fascinating.

    1. There is interesting stuff being revealed daily. Just an amazing site and wonderful to see it being revealed slowly each year right on my doorstep, so to speak.

  2. When I was a little girl, we had a couple of archeological digs going on here in Washington, and sometimes my dad would take me with him when he went to write about them. It is so interesting, the things they can learn, and the things that remain. If I ever get to visit you again I'd love to see this one.

    1. Oh yes for sure if you visit again! They are fascinating. I love seeing the past revealed and hearing the differing interpretations.

  3. Shame you missed the Time Team, though I'm guessing you son't feel the same way about the flowing locks. ;-) this is all so fascinating and I've made a note to look out for the Time Team special.

    1. Hee Hee..... yes I think dear Neil had the same problems this year with his hair ;-) I'll let you know when either of the programmes are being broadcast in the UK.