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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A wander across the heath

Looking across Graemsay farmland
Graemsay has a wide variety of habitat including some wonderful unspoilt heathland that is rich in wild flowers, most of which I am unable to identify!   The heath by the old quarry also has some stunning views across to Hoy and Stromness.  I took a drive up to the quarry then went for a slow wander across the heath. I hope you enjoy the wander too!

Looking Northwards is Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside.

Looking towards the Manse and Stromness on the Mainland of Orkney.

And here looking at the old school (no longer in use) and the old school house where the teacher used to live.

There are plenty of ruins around, once homes and crofts to large families.

A traditional "butt and ben" where the family would have lived in one end and the livestock in the other.  The buildings are very linear.....

And one of the inhabited crofts (Gorn) in the distance (to the right)

The Hoy hills make a dramatic backdrop to the heath and the ruined crofts

And HUGE skies in Orkney. I love that.... you can just make out Hoy High Lighthouse at the bottom...

Here are some of the wildflowers.....

Self Heal

Devil's Bit Scabious just flowering

Bog Asphodel
Grass of parnasussus

Bog Cotton
Not sure what this is? Wild Thyme maybe?

And I sat by the quarry itself for a while, hoping to see dragons..... sadly none appeared.... No not the fire breathing kind, the sort with dainty little wings that look like Tinkerbelle!  Dragon flies and Damsel flies..... one day maybe... they HAVE been spotted here...

And a nice shallow bit for wee creatures to get in and out.....

Hope you enjoyed your wander across the heath, it wasn't too boggy for you I hope!  No wet feet?  And next I'll share with you the beautiful sunset that ended this magical day....


  1. You certainly took us on a beautiful wander, you live in a truly beautiful place.

    1. It is rather wonderful. But even I must make more of an effort to explore more than just on my immediate doorstep on Graemsay....