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Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve...

.... and I'm still playing "catch-up"! Here are some photos from the island children's Christmas party we had a couple of days ago.  Of course Santa made an appearance!  Above is a bit of discussion going on in "musical arms".  It's much more fun than musical chairs - and more confusing, especially if the person in line forgets which arm to put up!  Hee hee!

It's a little chilly in the hall when we first get there.  Once the heaters are on it soon warms up.  But some were too scared to take their hats off in case they were forced to wear a Christmas hat. Ha!

Irene was Chief Party Game Organiser and explained the games to the children....

Which included a balloon batting game....

The older girls did well too....

The adults were a little more aggressive. A  certain amount of sibling rivalry going on I think!

The adults taking advice from the younger ones....

Ah yes the egg and spoon race - or in this case, the Christmas pudding and spoon race!

And then there was pass the parcel for the children.....

And for the adults too of course - we don't do a combined one as it is feared the adults cheat too much and are a bad example to the children. Hee hee only joking...a bit...

And for a change there was limbo dancing.  Not your traditional Christmas game I grant you, but fun nonetheless.  Though mostly it was left to the children to play this one!

And then it was time for Santa to arrive after a rousing chorus of Jingle Bells!

All the children get presents, of course.

And then there was time for the supper and for the children to play with their presents.

Kirsten just LOVED her sock monkey that repeated back to her whatever she said - er sort of!  Mum & Dad were keen to find where the batteries went. Hee hee!

And here she is dancing with her favourite sock monkey

And the boys loved their toys!

Not everyone on the island was able to come along this time, but those of us that were there had a great time!

And ahem.... a selfie from me, wearing my Christmas Antlers.  Well I have a permanent red nose in Winter so might as well do the whole Rudolph!


  1. Oh what a wonderful time you had !

    Have the Merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year !

    1. Thank you! It was great fun! And Happy New Year to you and yours :-)

  2. That looks the best fun anyone could have at Christmas! :)

    1. I just love our Christmas party. Such fun AND there is jelly and ice cream ;-)