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Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter Solstice

I've shared this video each year since 2010, but it's so beautiful I think it is worth it.  The film was taken by someone working in Orkney at the time going by the name of "Red Orkney". It was photographed from over on the path from Stromness to Warbeth, looking at Hoy, Graemsay and Stromness.  We had LOTS of snow that year. None this year - it's VERY mild for the time of year, About 10 degress C. So no forecast for this Solstice.

And now the light returns and the days get longer!

And a real treat, a short video of the Merry Dancers (Northern Lights) by Premysl Fojtu, a very talented local photographer.

Note - um apparently 21st was the shortest day and 22nd the Winter solstice.  Who cares, I get to dance on both days hee hee


  1. A really beautiful video, the snow enhances the beauty. The lights are a rare treat stunning.

    1. I do so love the snow. We don't get much of it because we are in the Gulf Stream. But in 2010 it lasted for 3 weeks and I was glad when it went!

  2. Can't believe your amazing climate. Love the Northern Lights ! Happy New Year !

  3. Hi, have been following your blog, since June after my first visit to Orkney, it's interesting to the same places through different seasons.
    Orkney surpassed all expectations and I hope to revisit next year, by the way Welsh cakes are my favourite breakfast treat! However I thought you might have a good oatcake recipe too?

  4. Northern light is just something unbelievable. I'd really wanna to see it on my own eyes. I hope one day I will, cause it is something really outstanding!