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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mist over Graemsay

There is actually a tune written by Fran Gray, of Longhope, Hoy, called Mist over Graemsay which she composed for one of our parties.  Though at that party we might have been more like p*ssed in the mist over Graemsay. Hee hee!

I'm not sure these photos are quite as atmospheric as actually seeing this, but they hopefully give an idea how the sea mist (haar) sometimes creeps in after a warm sunny day, bringing a chill to the air. Click on the pictures to see them in a slide-show view (er bigger!).

Above looking towards Stromness as it disappears in the mist. Below, looking further West a bit...

Hiding the Hoy Hills.

And it doesn't seem to stop the hens in their quest for tasty morsels!

And this is the view from the table where I often compose my blog entries in the Spring/Summer. Looking at my little piece of paradise :-)