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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Some views of Graemsay

A bit of a drive around the island one sunny evening in June. Above the hill leading down to the old Kirk (more of that later).  The hills of Hoy looking magnificent in the background.

Below, facing South towards Hoy.  This is known as Burra Sound, and is one of the entrances to Scapa Flow. When I first moved to the island there was a block ship still visible, deliberately sunk to deter submarines during WWII, now lying below the surface.

The sleeping dragon not looking quite like a sleeping dragon....

Big skies, the sun's rays behind a cloud....

"Who are you looking at?"

Hoy High lighthouse (actually Hoy Sound High lighthouse as it shines upon Hoy Sound).

The light at the top of the tower.....

And ....Button still snoozes..... in the conservatory overlooking the water and the lighthouse.


  1. You took us on a wonderful tour, such beauty. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world.

  2. In the middle of all this heavenly nature and culture is a sheep going: "Here's looking at you, kid!" and that adorable cat who has no idea in the world how lucky he is because he doesn't care if he is in France, Chicago or Tomelilla, as long as there is good food and a soft couch or pillow... Such lovely pictures Sian!!!!!