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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sunsets, flowers, hens and Button (again)

These photos were taken earlier in the month but I just love summer and the sunsets. Oh and the sun and warmth too of course!  As indeed do the hens and Madam Button.

And on sunny days I can hang my washing on the line, just as the Sandside women have done since the house was built in 1860(ish) :-)

And the joy of flowers in the garden - remember this was back at the beginning of the month....

Aquilegia (columbines)....

The bees just love all the flowers.  Here a carder bee is enjoying the nectar from the cornflowers.

The hens enjoy the sunshine too of course.  One of my Light Sussex hens having a wander across the grass. A girl on a mission, clearly.

She joins another of the hens for some mutual rootling....

And when it gets too hot in the sun hens and cockerels retreat to a shady spot beneath the grey willows. You need to look closely as they are well camouflaged!

And, of course, Button likes to snooze in the sun - here she is under the fennel! She comes in smelling rather lovely sometimes!

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  1. Wow 1860! That's pretty old. Are there many Butterflies up there?