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Sunday, 26 June 2016

More summer photos....

This morning I was putting factor 50 sun screen on (I'm fair-haired and burn easily) and set off to the garden to do battle with creeping buttercup.  This afternoon I came in with rain dripping off my nose after what I thought was a light shower turned into more persistent rain.  Ah well I did succeed clearing one border of the cheeky buttercup!  So now it's a cup of tea and time to blog.  Here are some photos taken over the last week or so around Graemsay.

The longest day has now past (sobs quietly), but sunset is still about 10.30 pm and sunrise about 4am so on a clear night it really doesn't get that dark. Below is a poor picture taken at 2.15 a.m from my study window. Sun rising behind Hoy High lighthouse.

Everything is growing really rapidly now with the long days, warmth and a few rain showers.  Lots of the flowers are blooming in the garden.  Here's a yellow columbine.  In Orkney columbines (aquelegia) are known a Granny's bonnets.  You can see why - this would be Granny's Sunday Best I would think!

The verges along the road are full of wildflowers and this year the cow parsley and buttercups are doing particularly well.

Looking over Sandside Bay to Quoys and Garson.

Lots of marsh and health orchids blooming.  In Orkney this particular Orchid is known as "Adam", it's paler counterpart is known as "Eve".

Again they are all along the verges and I even have some in my grass at the back of the house.

Now for a wander along our island "main" road. Cow parsley and maran grass line the banks.

On the other side of one of the banks is a wonderful display of the cow parsley

And further up what passes for a hill on Graemsay we get a lovely view back across Sandside Bay to my house and the lighthouse!

Zoom in a little bit....

And a little bit closer.  The hills in the background are the Orphir hills on the Orkney Mainland.

Across the hill and a field of buttercups is Quoynanapp with the Hoy hills in the background.

Heading back home now and the lambs are looking chunky and growing fast. They are enjoying feeling the sun on their backs.

And the house is in sight, hope Button has put the kettle on! Who wants tea? There is lemon drizzle cake too, freshly iced :-)


  1. Yes, please!
    I love the beauty and uncluttered space in your part of the world.
    Best wishes,
    Andrea, Minnesota, USA

  2. That's top blog for me. Enjoyed that dander more than any other. Thanks, Mark.

    1. Aw thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. More to follow over the summer :-)

  3. We had the same, both Saturday and Sunday - glorious mornings, torrential rain after lunch. I do enjoy your photographs (but miss Button in this post - still, if you've trained her to put the kettle on, that's a bonus!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Button has an invisible line on the beach she will not cross without getting distressed. So any longer jaunts I have to take on my own!

  4. Such a beautiful place to live, you once again took us on a delightful tour.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour and yes it's a great place to live. I am so lucky!

  5. I agree, lovely pictures and a lovely island. I stole the idea of sunsets on my last post, hope you didn't mind, Sian. When the world is a total turmoil we all need to know that life goes on as usual, lambs are growing, sun is setting, people are born, houses are built and flowers are beaming. Although the light has turned and daylight is shorter, we must believe in better days for humanity. This post made my day better, anyway.

    1. Yes, I hold onto the normal day to day things. The first morning cuppa, Button purring, a wander on the beach. The turmoil, like all things, will pass.