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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hoy hills....

Recently an artist friend had an exhibition of one of her larger pieces of work.  Jeanne Bouza Rose has a shop in Stromness called "Artworks of the Earth" where she sells much of her work and runs workshops. But a few years ago she rented a house which had once been the home and studio of Sylvia Wishart.  Inspired by the landscape Jeanne began this huge painting that goes from the West with the sun sinking into the sea in a blaze of colour just off the edge of the Hoy Hills, to the East (over Graemsay of course!) to the moon rise.  It IS magnificent and I have a very small version of it as a print.

Here are bits of it!  From the West

Over Ward Hill on the island of Hoy.

And East over Graemsay and Hoy High lighthouse. My house, Sandside, is a blob, but I forgiver her for that!

Here is the print I have, still to be unwrapped and put on the wall....

And here is a link to a video I took very quickly on the day the painting was being taken down.  With Jeanne sitting guard at the door.

Jeanne's shop is right along the street, she's full of boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and sometimes I just drop in for a chat in the hope I pick up some of it by osmosis!


  1. Wowser! PanoramArt! That is amazing.

    If you figure out the whole energy/osmosis thing, give us a shout, please.