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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stormy days

A couple of weeks ago we had an "unseasonal" gale which just about decimated my poor garden. Now, two weeks later plants are recovering and new growth appearing.  But I thought I'd post a few photos taken the next day. Just to show I don't live in paradise where the sun shines ALL the time ;-)

This elder tree was certainly around in the 1940s though the exact age is unknown.  Each year it grows to exactly the same height with a few flowers round the edges. The poor thing got blasted just on one side during the storm.  Ah well at least it exposed the bird feeders so I could fill them up again.

This is the Monkshood, much loved by the bees.  There were photos of it in an earlier post, tall and vigorous, with blue and white flowers.  Not any more...sigh...

An alder, suffering....

And this lovely vigorous yellow flower got blasted in the new flower bed.

Even in the "shelter" of the garden the trees are leaning over due to the prevailing wind from the West.

But although the wild flower patch got battered it carried on flowering even though many of the plants were horizontal!  Pink Corn cockle blooming brightly.

Not sure what these pretty blue flowers are but they survived!

And Button, of course, is just fine. Here she is trying to sneak into the strawberry patch!

"Who me? Nowhere near it..."

But I was able to harvest most of the peas, and finish harvesting the gooseberries.  Freezer getting pretty full now!

And we have had some lovely weather and sunny days since.  Photos of those to follow!

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  1. As always, your posts make me yearn to live there...